This series of portraits accompanies a short documentary about homeless women in Los Angeles. They are hopeful and positive images of these women who were dressed and styled to appear in the film to feel their best as they told their personal stories. Essentially, anyone can find themselves homeless. There is no stereotype.
Glendale Youth Orchestra: premier L.A. Philharmonic Youth Orchestra.

Located in Glendale, California, it has been providing dedicated young musicians an extraordinary opportunity to perform classical music in a formal orchestral setting for the last twenty-five years. The Glendale Youth Orchestra draws young musicians from the entire Los Angeles area, from grade six through the first two years of college. 

I met Emma and Zoe on a Northern Californian campground. I watched the girls meet each other for the first time amongst a group of kids. Almost immediately they discovered they loved cartwheeling. After exhausting cartwheel competitions they wanted something new. One said to the other 'let's hold hands and do it together'. They were amazing.