Vivette, Beyond the Secret River.
Vivette’s parents can’t protect her from the lure of the secret river where cormorants rule and nothing’s as it seems.
Vivette, Beyond the Secret River.
In a place not too far away, on a narrow little street amidst higgledy-piggledy houses, lived a girl called Vivette. Vivette’s mother and father treasured their precious child and would, if they could, wrap her in cotton wool to protect her. They were frightened by the bad things that happened in the world so they had many rules to keep Vivette safe from harm’s way.

As time passed Vivette trusted the cormorants with her innermost secrets.

Highness moved closer spreading her wings to show Vivette what to do.

She saw the tribe of cormorants flapping their wings, creating a rush of warm air that left her breathless.

Vivette saw the world like never before. She saw how everything is interconnected and that every little thing has its place in the making of the great big tapestry below her.